Project Number: 12-004
Title: DISCOVER-AQ Ground Sites Infrastructure Support
Lead PI: Vincent Torres
Institution(s) Represented: The University of Texas at Austin - Vincent Torres
AQRP Project Manager: Dave Sullivan
TCEQ Project Liaison: Erik Gribbon
Awarded Amount: $289,200.00

DISCOVER-AQ Ground Sites Infrastructure Support
In the summer of 2013, the DISCOVER-AQ (Deriving Information on Surface Conditions from Column and Vertically Resolved Observations Relevant to Air Quality) program is planning to deploy NASA aircraft to make a series of flights with scientific instruments on board to measure gaseous and particulate pollution in the Houston, Texas area. The purpose of this campaign, for NASA, is to improve the use of satellites to monitor air quality for public health and environmental benefit.
To complement the NASA flight-based measurements, and to leverage the extensive measurements being funded by NASA to better understand factors that control air quality in Texas, ground-based air quality measurements will be made simultaneously by researchers from collaborating organizations, including research scientists and engineers funded wholly or in part by the AQRP and the TCEQ. It is anticipated that two or three ground sites will need to be expanded or established to accommodate the instrumentation that will be brought to Houston by research collaborators. This project will centralize and coordinate the site infrastructure preparation for the ground sites identified for expansion to support DISCOVER-AQ Houston 2013.
The scope of work for this project begins with meeting with and/or contacting appropriate DISCOVER-AQ and TCEQ personnel who will be determining how many and which ground sites will be used for the study. Once that is determined, assignment of instrumentation to each site would follow. Next, to accommodate the instrumentation and the associated support equipment and supplies that will be located at the selected ground sites, these sites will require site improvements to infrastructure in advance of the intensive measurement period of the campaign that includes obtaining the necessary site access/use agreements, ground (site pad) preparation, installation of utilities (electrical and communication) and security fencing, and rental of temporary buildings to accommodate instrumentation that must be located in conditioned space. During the intensive measurements period of the campaign, some limited support may be required by the ground-based researchers should problems arise with the site accommodations. This support would also be provided as needed. At the end of the campaign, each of these sites must be decommissioned and restored to their original condition or a condition required by the property owner. This effort is also included in the scope of work proposed for this project.

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