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Project Number:
Fort Worth (DFW) Field Study
Lead PI:
Vincent Torres
Institution(s) Represented:
The University of Texas at Austin - Vincent Torres
AQRP Project Manager:
James Thomas
TCEQ Project Liaison:
Raj Nadkarni
Awarded Amount:

Executive Summary- Project 10_11-DFW
Due to the fact that there are 4 projects dealing with issues in the DFW area, the AQRP wanted to actively promote integration of the measurements and ensure the projects worked cohesively.  In cooperation with TCEQ Field Operations and TCEQ Region 4, the DFW Field Study Committee was formed.
The Committee consists of the AQRP Project Management (David Allen, Jim Thomas, and Maria Stanzione), the PIs of each of the projects being performed in the DFW area (Johan Mellqvist, Robert Griffin, Barry Lefer and Maxwell Shauck), the AQRP Project Managers for those projects (David Sullivan, Vincent Torres, and Gary McGaughey), the TCEQ Project Liaisons for those projects (John Jolly, Doug Boyer, and Erik Gribbin), TCEQ management representing the Chief Engineer, the Air Quality Division, Field Operations, and Region 4 (Mark Estes, Keith Sheedy, Raj Nadkarni, Ejaz Baig, Patricia De La Cruz, and Alyssa Taylor), and other interested parties (Kuruvilla John and John Nielson-Gammon).  Expenditures for the project were dedicated to making the DFW field site ready for the measurement teams, including arranging access agreements, preparing the site, and arranging for power, communications and site security.

Work Plan:
Technical Report(s):
Final Report: