Reports & Workshops



The Texas AQRP was funded by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality under contract 582-10-94330 for the maximum allowable term of three biennia, from April 30, 2010, through August 31, 2015, with an extension to April 27, 2016 for final research project close-out and reporting. After a competitive bidding process, the Program was re-awarded to The University of Texas at Austin on July 29, 2015, under contract 582-15-50047. Under these contracts, the AQRP produces three quarterly reports and one annual report per year for the TCEQ. These reports provide an update on the overarching program activities and on the status of each active research project. A Final Report was produced at the completion of contract 582-10-94330. At the end of each biennium, the AQRP hosts a Workshop for each project team to present their research activities and findings to the research community, ITAC members, Advisory Council members, and TCEQ staff.

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