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Request for Proposals: CLOSED

Proposal Deadline Extension for those affected by recent severe weather.

We recognize that due to severe weather conditions that occurred on April 15 through 18, 2016 in Texas, institutions may be closed in the days leading up to the April 20, 2016 submission deadline for the Texas AQRP Request For Proposals (RFP). These closures may impact the ability of researchers at those institutions to respond to the RFP.

In order to treat these researchers fairly for conditions that are beyond their control, the AQRP will, upon request, extend the deadline for individual researchers whose institutions were closed for severe weather.

The length of the extension will be equal to the length of the closure.

All other proposals remain due on April 20, 2016, at 5:00 pm central time.

Investigators should route requests for extensions to aqrp@ceer.utexas.edu, with Extension Request in the subject line.

Investigators will be required to document the length of the closure when the proposal is submitted. (Acceptable documentation may include a screenshot of the institution’s webpage announcing the closure, timekeeping procedures emails, letter/email from institution’s administration, or other form of official notification of the closure.)

The Texas Air Quality Research Program (AQRP) seeks proposals in its priority research areas outlined in the Strategic Research Plan. Proposals must be submitted electronically to the project email address (aqrp@ceer.utexas.edu) by 5:00 pm Central Time on April 20, 2016. Proposal formats and instructions are provided at the submission guidelines section of this page. Proposals will be rated by the Independent Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) using the criteria outlined on the proposal rating form.

Up to approximately $1.65 million in research project funding is available. It is anticipated that most awards will be funded in amounts ranging from $150,000 to $300,000. Proposers may be requested to respond to reviewer questions during May 2016. It is also anticipated that work will begin as early as July 2016. All work should be completed by August 31, 2017.


Addendum Acknowledgment Form

The Addendum above is the Master Agreement Subcontract template, which will be the contracting vehicle between the AQRP (UT Austin) and entities whose proposals are selected for funding. This includes the lead proposer and any collaborators.

Each PI and Co-PI should review this template, and make it available to their Authorized Official Representative. Each proposer, including collaborating institutions, are required to submit an acknowledgement, signed by their Authorized Official Representative, indicating that they have received and reviewed the Master Agreement Subcontract and that they understand the terms and conditions of receiving funding under the AQRP.

Two documents are available to assist those considering submission of a proposal to the AQRP. The State of the Science of Air Quality in Texas provides an overview of the scientific findings from the AQRP from 2010 through 2015. The Texas Air Quality Research Program Strategic Research Plan 2016-2017 outlines the Research Priorities for the 2016-2017 funding period.

The AQRP Advisory Council reviewed the Strategic Research Plan and, in addition to supporting the research priorities identified in the Plan, expressed particular interest in projects related to intra-state, inter-state and larger scale transport of air pollutants, projects that address emissions from flaring, projects that address emissions from hydrocarbon storage tanks, and projects that address emission inventory uncertainties associated with activity data.

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