The State of Texas Air Quality Research Program (AQRP) is administered by The University of Texas at Austin, and is funded by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), through the Texas Emission Reduction Program (TERP), which funds emission reduction projects in communities throughout Texas. In order to insure that these emission reductions are as effective as possible in improving air quality, a fraction of the TERP funding is used to improve our scientific understanding of how emissions impact air quality in Texas.

The specific goal of the Texas AQRP is to support scientific research related to Texas air quality in the areas of emissions inventory development, atmospheric chemistry, meteorology and air quality modeling.

Each biennium, research topics are identified through input from stakeholders, the AQRP Advisory Council, and the TCEQ. Research project proposals are solicited through a Request For Proposals (RFP) and then reviewed and ranked by the Independent Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC). The TCEQ then reviews the ITAC recommended projects for relevancy to Texas air quality needs. Finally, the Advisory Council research projects to be funded by the AQRP are selected from the list of ITAC recommended and TCEQ relevancy ranked projects by the Advisory Council.

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2018-19 Call for Proposals and Submission Guidelines

Information for Current Project Investigators

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